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Vehicle Design Report

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PSR's Official submission: OSU_ASC2016VDR.pdf

This document only contains exactly when the ASC Regulations ask for, nothing more.

The Vehicle Design Report is a document that the event organizers of the American Solar Challenge want made so that they my look over aspects of your design long before the vehicle is raced. They want to verify that your vehicle is safe, mechanically and electrically. They also want to make sure you vehicle obeys rules of the competition, like car size and the array maximum total solar area.

The vehicle will go under rigorous inspections and testing at the event track in Pittsburgh, before it is allowed to race. They don't want you showing up with a car that is unable to pass the inspection!

Electrical System Block Diagrams

High Voltage Diagram

The High Voltage Diagram, This diagram is very close to the real thing

The High Voltage diagram was made for the Vehicle Design Report for review by the ASC officials.

System Diagram

The System Diagram. This diagram is very approximate

I use to explain this system diagram to help explain to new members how the vehicle works.

It also helps me keep track of how the car works because even I sometimes forget peices.