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One way to make a website these days to to rent a small amount of server capacity from a hosting company. Hosting companies offer more than a place to put files, but offer a whole ton of tools, settings, security, an most interestingly, "one click installers". One click installers allow complex programs to run in your website, like MediaWiki! (that's what you are looking at right now.) You can choose all kinds of setups, however they almost always require some sort of low level website administration like editing "config" files.

Working on the Website

Default web tools on Siteground

Siteground has guides for just about everything. It took me about 16 hours of work to set the website up how I liked. Siteground has many browser based programs for file editing, text editing, Webmail etc. MediaWiki has its own guides (in the format of a wiki, wouldn't you know) for how to setup and use their program. The Sitegrounds tools and programs in the left picture. Softaculous is the most important program, it allowed me to auto install MediaWiki and offers a huge number of things to install and make your website into.

Domain Name

The current domain name ( I bought from as kind of a holdover. It took me a while to figure out I had to log in to and change the name server settings point to Siteground. In the future if I find another domain like, I can simply set it up so that the old domain redirects people directly to my website and my new domain will show at the top.


Website Stats while editing this page

I chose Sitegound partly due to its low price, but I have to admit, I don't know if it was the best choice yet. There are so many pros and cons with choosing a hosting service, and not all of them are obvious until you try out the service. So Siteground will have to do. I am paying only 4$ a month, but I had to pay for 1 year all at once, a promotional price for a year. If I get a lot of traffic I may have to shell out a lot more. as a web admin novice, I am a bit spooked that I could somehow be DDOS or something and get a huge amount of hits and get billed some absorbent amount.


There are many limits to how much "Websiteiness" you can use. Mostly they work the same way as any physical PC, with processor%, RAM usage, HDD space ect.. I have yet run up against any one of the limits but can see a good portion of some limits ratcheting up when i'm just "doin' my thing" and editing pages. The image shows some of the limits.